Tuesday, December 7, 2010

When Mars & Venus make war on an sms on Earth

My friend has almost decided not to send such sms to me and perhaps now I miss the funny "RakhtCharitra" but what happened had happened and I can't change it.
So the sms was :
To make a woman happy, a man only needs to be: a friend, a companion, a lover, a brother, a father, a chef, an electrician, a plumber, a driver, a good listener; without forgetting to compliment her regularly, be honest, be very rich, not stress her out, not look at other girls and at the same time give her lots of attention, loads of time, never forget her birthdays and the anniversaries. But to make a man happy- just leave him alone.
I know many men out there are right now nodding their heads in full agreement.
But why is it that the simple idea- just leave me alone- dawns to the male species when they have wooed a woman and made a commitment as in a marriage or a serious relationship?
So playfully I sent an answer.
To make a man happy, a woman needs to be: his friend, companion, a lover better than a whore, a sister, mother, cook, housekeeper, laundry woman, a machine to beget his children who preferably are replicas of him, a nanny or babysitter, a decorator, a morale booster, a right accessory by his side to flaunt, with vital stats that can shame the katrinas or bipasas; a multitasker, a charming, sweet angel even if the devil’s around or hell breaks loose, and at the same time  give him the right attention at the right time, wait on him, be warm and friendly with his friends even if they booze like fish, are cricket bugs, or belch, fart, snore or pick their nose. Give him space to work like an addict, to chill out late nights with buddies, beers n girls and this need not be in this order. Pamper his ego that also includes faking the big O, never draw too much male attention to one self, and become invisible when he does not need you and so on.
Many of you may agree with what seem like a verbal war or rather sms war between the species from Mars and Venus. And there are some grains of truth in all this. But frankly speaking, the urban educated women are comfortable in their own skin and do not shy away to accept that they have had enough of multi-tasking, enough of playing the super woman. They no longer want to take the burden of so many roles that they have been conventionally playing and definitely want a new man. A man who is ready to share her roles. They want the men to show clearly that they are making an effort- effort to accept and change for this new woman. And change not just in appearances (hey, we too like John Abrahams and Brad Pitts) because change in material world is still easier than the change women need and also hope and many times demand in the non-material world. And when they do see this effort, women are ready to come half way. Yes, I say half way, because there is an expectation that the other half the man will tread.
Under pressure, dear men, from this new breed of women?
Well, we have learnt to enjoy ourselves. We are excited to explore and discover ourselves, from pottery, to scuba-diving, to clubbing, to heading a company, to playing football in rain with the son, or men-watching, or even being more adventurous and articulate sexually. We don’t mind being on top. But we are not being the feminists of the 80s or even the 90s. We are simply saying: Treat me equal but treat me special.


  1. mm hm...............you have got the word.
    I guess moon is the great place right now.

  2. Thanks. The blog fell on my blind spot. Will do something soon. Words always encourage....so do pl keep doing that. :)